December 5, 2022
Tutorails for Redm, CFX, or Vorp

Tutorails for Redm, CFX, or Vorp

How my day started. “Here install this for me.”

Oh my god. Next time just say “No”.

— editing team — this article was last updated 11/6/2022 to reflect the best options at the time, and are not my original notes or instructions… these instructions are for a windows server. YES it DOES run on LINUX. I have five Linux servers running it as we speak (message me if you need a tutorial for that.) —

Server Download

Right so go here “” Bookmark this link you will need it later. Download the artifact server, and follow the instructions to set it up. The download takes 1 to 2 hours depending on your internet speeds.

SQL Download

Then download an SQL server you are comfortable with. — Use XAMP, it’s your best option for all the right versions of sql and apache. Version 8 Mysql has some new settings that are not friendly to pre-existing RedM server scripts, avoid it unless you know what you’re doing. — Again download speeds may vary.

Download and install the VORP API for connecting to sql databases. It’s called oxmysql. It’s compatible with other cores.

Core Download

Download and install VORP (or any core you want, there are several to choose from), then configure it. Installation guide ( and the GitHub ( ) . Get the latest versions (note the latest version VORPCORE do work on Linux ..)

— ok I download everything where do I put it on my computer or server.


So there are too many options for me to cover them all in one doc, so this is a bit generic and assumes you know how to set up your own paths, and how to edit batch files.

Pick a directory location and name it REDM_SERVER, or whatever you want to name it.

In that directory:

Create a “cfg” directory for your configuration files. Put said config files here.

Create a “resources” directory for your scripts. Put your chosen core here.

Create a “cfx” directory for your server and artifacts. Extract them here (instructions are provided by the cfx documentation).

The server comes with example batch files that you will need to edit to match your setup.

Install XAMP in the same REDM_SERVER directory or nearby. Start MySQL. If you want to make your own tools for managing the redm databases, you can start Apache as well.


You need to own a version of ReadDead, I have a copy through Epic, and one through Steam. Cores like Vorp, require that you have a STEAM account, regardless of where you purchased the software, it’s how it handles authentication. Download the game and run it at least once.

Go to REDM and download their client.

Copy the downloaded executable to where you want to install the client.

Run it at the new location.

It will do stuff and then ask for the location of your ReadDead install. Locate the location and confirm. Then follow the installer’s instructions, and it downloads for a while.


Then download Lua and installed it.

This is mostly for testing code locally. It’s not required for internal testing when the server is running. You can use it with apache to create external tools that help you admin the game database.

Wrap Up

My internet is crap so this took two days to download the initial downloads, then testing, and running each software then seemed to require more downloads which took an extra day. Be prepared. If your internet is better than mine it will go faster. Trust me everyone’s internet is better than mine.

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